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The Øbsydian Story

My name is Lauren and I have a diagnosis of autism which, for a long time, I found hard to come to terms with. I am 18 now, and Øbsydian is the sort of brand I would have wanted to exist a few years ago, when I was being bullied at school and was suffering from severe anxiety and depression. It seemed no one liked me so I didn't like myself either. I see now what I couldn't see then: that other people's views don't define me, that I am worthy of my life and that I was not alone. It is the unfortunate truth that so many of us go through periods of suffering, although it is important to remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am content with myself now and I want to help others reach this point. That's what Øbsydian is all about: accepting yourself, expressing yourself and loving yourself the way you are.


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